Our brand-new beta version of Survalyzer Next Generation and its 10 key improvements

Our brand-new beta version of Survalyzer Next Generation and its 10 key improvements

Some time has passed since the last major release of Survalyzer and on February 4th, 2020 we finally proudly presented the beta version of our Survalyzer Next Generation survey tool in a webinar!

Please click on the link below and see the full webinar presented by Christian Hyka, Managing Partner:
Webinar – Survalyzer Next Generation February 2020

Not interested in watching the webinar? Read the summary about the new functions and product roadmap below:

What is Survalyzer Next Generation and why did we start to develop it?

Survalyzer NG is our brand new cloud based survey software that will replace our current software Survalyzer. It looks and behaves the same, but it is much faster, has more functionalities and it is simpler to use.
We started to develop Survalyzer NG to meet the current and future requirements of our growing client base and designed it with a modern cloud architecture to make it more secure, stable and capable. Survalyzer NG is hosted in the cloud of Microsoft Azure, the most secure and certified data center in the world. We will still maintain two data locations in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The top-10 key improvements

The beta version of Survalyzer Next Generation offers many improvements within the survey builder compared to the current Survalyzer software. The top-10 improvements are:


– We improved the Rich Text Editor and made it faster with a compact view and more options.

09 – We are now fully compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which define how to make Web content more accessible to people with disabilities. It is especially important in surveys for governments or large corporates that those guidelines are implemented.

08 – We improved the slider, so you have more options in slider questions like overwrite and change values.

07 – For Matrix questions we created a new option called “Text“, which allows you to transform columns in a text field and you can create multi-dimensional input forms within a couple of seconds.

06 – We increased the way we show filters, so the conditions of the filter preview are much better now.

05 – We improved the raw-data Export with the options to download values or question text and answers to excel.

04 – We made a transparent activation process and status. In case of changing a survey that is already in the field (due to change requests or because of a forgotten question) you can customize your survey without losing data and the risk to forget the activation of the latest changed survey is reduced thanks to a better process.

03 – The new screen out termination option makes it simpler for you to screen out survey participants if you only want to ask a specific target group. Those participants are not able to answer questions and will be forwarded to a customizable page.

02 – We have integrated a file management library to make it easy for you to upload files to your questionnaire.

01 – It was very important for us to reach a speed enhancement in large questionnaires and we did significantly improve the activation process in Survalyzer NG! It means for you that large surveys with many variables can be copied and published in less than a second.

Roadmap 2020

Below we provide you an outlook for the coming months to show you exciting enhancements in the areas of distribution, analysis and library which you can look forward to. The Roadmap shows you when the mentioned features will be built (red) and when they will be available for you (green).

roadmap Next Generation

Are you curious to test NG by yourself? Then send us now a message!

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