Professional Analytics

Professional Analytics is the right choice for experts who want to conduct high end surveys, create customized pixel perfect multipage online reports with complex pivot tables and complex charts and share them with a dedicated target group. Implement custom calculations using our scripting engine to get the insights you want out of your survey data.

Create pixel perfect corporate designs

  • Customizable report header and footer section elements allows to place text, image and navigation elements
  • Choose between one, two, and three column layout rows to structure headers and footers according to your needs, even nesting of layouts is possible
  • Custom font integration and CSS editor provides the power to implement even the most complex corporate design requirements
  • Choose from default color schemes or create your own to style Charts in your corporate colors
  • Select your company’s favicon and title¬† description to get a perfect user experience

Build multi-page dashboards

  • Structure your report content into pages and provide a decent navigation structure
  • Add pages which belong logically together to navigation groups
  • Turn off Navigation area for single page reports
  • Arrange your content to suite your needs
  • Expand and collapse rows for better overview of long reports
  • Copy report elements as you are used to it from the survey
  • Direct check the result of changes with the WISIWIG editor
  • Configure dynamic filters which could be used by the report viewer to filter the report

Consolidate your data into meaningful results

  • Add variables to the table regardless if they are from the same question or not
  • Configure paging, filtering, sorting, the table search and the excel export
  • Configure formulas to customize the way how values are calculated
  • Format the values according your needs with the same mechanic as in Excel
  • Configure cell templates with custom HTML for sophisticated dashboards
  • Build summary rows to aggregate your data

Present your results in a perfect way

  • Share the online report with a secure link with your desired audience
  • Upload a PowerPoint master template to Survalyzer Next Generation to get all reports rendered in your corporate look and feel
  • Define custom page templates in the PowerPoint master view to extend result charts with comments
  • In addition to PowerPoint, exports to Word, PDF and Excel are fully supported
  • Charts in Word and PowerPoint are either native charts or native drawings which are fully editable
  • The online report can be easily embedded into any webpage without the necessity of IFrames

Big data reports with great performance

  • Compute the results of big data reports using a data cube to reduce waiting times dramatically
  • Use the data cube independently of Survalyzer in Excel, PowerBI or any other BI solution that offer data cube connect ability
  • With the Professional Analytics license a free of charge PowerBI Pro license is bundled
  • Use your favorite Phyton and R-Scripts in PowerBI with the data cube as a data source and embed the published PowerBI report in a Survalyzer report like any other chart or table
  • Survalyzer combines the best of both tools and offers customer an unmatched experience