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For customer-centric and knowledge-based businesses: Professional Analytics helps you gain the detailed insights you need for complex research and rapidly changing markets. Brilliantly processed. Flexible in analysis. Clear in presentation. Surveys become part of your business intelligence.


More opportunities, better insights

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Branded surveys
Branded surveys
Meet complex corporate design requirements such as integrating your corporate font or colors using CSS editor. Work with multi-column surveys and insert images.
Excellent analyses
Excellent analyses
Speed up your calculations and analyze the obtained data via a Datacube. Consolidate large amounts of data. Configure your own formulas for your calculations.
Convincing presentation
Convincing presentation
Create individual and overall views. Use pivot tables and charts – directly integrated into PowerPoint. Filter and share results via a secured link or on the website.
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Identify data correlations

Analytics gives you maximum flexibility in customizing your tables. Easily and quickly get exactly the data you need for targeted analysis.

Configure data
Whether filters, formulas or templates – you have a wide range of options for configuring your data in the application.

Analyze data
Calculate your results in the application. Detailed by questions, columns, filters, etc. As you are used to from Excel.

Add data
Import external data or add results from the survey, regardless of which question they belong to.

Use Datacube
Simplify the workflow with a Datacube. You can use this in Excel, PowerBI or any other platform.

See insights clearly

The wide range of charting features allows you to create and present analysis that is specific to your target audience. To the point. Clear and concise. Specific to individual stakeholders.

Add charts
Add new charts via drag and drop and arrange them on one or more pages.

Show and hide charts
Show or hide individual charts – depending on your needs and dialog partners.

Select chart shape
Use bar, pie, area, or column charts for your presentation.

Edit diagrams
Edit the automatically created diagrams in Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Show your own face

Whether survey or analysis – with Professional Analytics you can present your questions and results in your corporate design. Without any effort. Simply with a click.

Brand analyses
Show the results – like diagrams – in your corporate look. Choose between different layouts.

Brand a survey
Transfer your corporate design to your online survey – with logo, font, colors, images and more.

Customize design
Choose between one-, two- and three-column layout lines. Even nested layouts are possible.

Use master slides
Simply upload a PowerPoint master slide. The exported reports will get your corporate look.

Communicate results with pinpoint accuracy

You can play out your analyses in a variety of ways according to target groups and characteristics such as key performance indicators or recommendation.

Share with precision to target groups
Present your results separately according to target groups and characteristics. A variety of filters are available for this purpose.

Download results
Export your data analyses to Word, PowerPoint, Excel or as a PDF and add to them in the programs. In a team or alone.

Publish reports
Embed the report directly on the website. Or share the results via a secure link.

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A leap forward in analysis

Professional Analytics has all the features of the Professional solution – but offers you a lot more for your (market-)research success. Both in branding and in the analysis of the acquired data and its target group-specific presentation.

  • Configuration of pages, filters, tables as well as Excel export
  • Variable export, regardless of whether they belong to the same question
  • Working in a PowerPoint master slide
  • Target group specific dispatch of the results
  • Branded design incl. CSS editor
  • Multi-column surveys possible
  • Embedding of images and text in header and footer
  • User and rights control of presented data
  • Multi-page dashboards and review in WYSIWYG editor
  • Support of Big Data using Datacube
  • Support for custom scripts at column and table level
  • Native connection to PowerBI without programming


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For customer surveys, employee surveys, market or scientific studies – the Professional solution allows companies, universities and institutes to obtain reliable findings. Of course, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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  • Product/market research
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Image analysis
  • Brand awareness
  • Scientific studies
  • Qualitative surveys
  • Quantitative surveys
Human Resources
Human Resources
  • Employee surveys
  • Candidate requests
  • HR market analyses
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Professional Analytics gives you a tool to gain deep insights into customer and employee expectations. Surveys become part of your business intelligence.
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