Corporate Extension

Invitations from a known email address makes the difference

  • Invite participants from your corporate email domain like
  • Use the possibility of email signing to outstand of the masses and increase trust
  • Create your own pixel perfect invitation- and reminder messages with limitless styling possibilities
  • Use Survalyzer as Newsletter platform for messages without survey context
  • Define areas in a message layout which are static and couldn’t be changed by users in the message. This is especially useful for the opt-out link or disclaimers

Inviting from a known email is only the first step

  • Whitelabeling doesn’t stop with the invitation, also the survey URL needs to be yours
  • But additionally also a neutral domain is available to conduct surveys where the company shall not be exposed to avoid biasing
  • Create unlimited survey layouts which reflect either different areas or your company or the corporate identities of your customers in care of institutes
  • Adding a header and footer is just the beginning. Styling is possible for every question type and more than that with custom CSS

Customizable Export Templates

  • Use your corporate Word templates to export surveys, interviews and reports
  • Same as for Word use your PowerPoint Slidemaster to export your reports
  • Each individual survey element can be styles according your needs in the document templates, not only header and footer
  • This feature comprised with the mentioned above completes Survalyzer’s whitelabeling strategy

Adapt your corporate security standards by using Single Sign-On

  • Enforce password policies, Multifactor Authentication with the comfort of a single login
  • Easy configurable in the Survalyzer account with only a few clicks
  • Possibility for simplified certificate exchange by providing a secondary certificate
  • Support of the reliable SAML2 Standard
  • Works even if the Identity Provider is only available in the intranet