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Corporate Extension

Create, invite and present individual surveys

With the extension, you put your company or that of your client even more in the spotlight. You design invitation mails, surveys and evaluations exactly according to corporate guidelines. And all this with high security standards.


More freedom, more security

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Confident invitation management
Confident invitation management
Whether it’s an e-mail invitation via your own domain, white labelling or pixel-perfect design of the invitation e-mail, the choice is yours.
Unlimited survey layouts
Unlimited survey layouts
Whether you want to appear in the corporate design of your company or your customer or neutral, everything is possible.
Quick template access
Quick template access
Presenting in your corporate look made easy: use your Word or PowerPoint templates for your surveys and reports.
Maximum security
Maximum security
Authentication via single sign-on or multi-factor authentication – your data is safe.
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Christian Hyka

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This is how successful invitation management works

First impressions count. With the individual invitation options, you stand out from the crowd and achieve the desired attention for your survey success.

Invitation via your own address
Invite participants via your own e-mail address. This creates trust and increases the response rate.

E-mail signature
Make yourself immediately recognisable as the sender – with a unique e-mail signature. This will strengthen your participants’ sense of security.

Unlimited design
Discover the freely modifiable templates for your e-mail invitations. Create your own design in no time at all.

Independent newsletter tool
Would you like to send newsletters independently of surveys? Use the extension as a general newsletter tool.

Fixed newsletter sections
The disclaimer or opt-out link should not be changed? Easily define static areas in your email.

Long live freedom of design

Whether it’s on behalf of your customers or to customise your own surveys and reports, the “white label” options give you the freedom you need for good customer retention.

Unlimited layout options
Create your survey in the corporate design of your company, institution or clients.

Corporate survey domain
Signal the sender via the domain name. This strengthens trust in the survey and your brand.

Neutral survey domain
Would you prefer to use a neutral domain so as not to be visible as a company? That’s no problem either.

Further design options
You can design each question type individually. Adding headers and footers is also easy.

The best of both worlds

White labelling or using templates? Both! The Extension gives you the choice. You combine fast design with the individual freedom you need for yourself or your clients.

Export Word templates
Easily use your Word templates to export surveys, interviews or reports.

Use of PowerPoint
Do you like to work with your PowerPoint slidemaster? You can also use it as a template for your reports.

Security first

Regardless of how many staff members are working on the survey, your account is protected by the high security standards.

Strict password guidelines
Protect your account from unauthorised access by enforcing your corporate security policies through single sign-on.

Secure authentication
With multi-factor authentication, your survey account access is securely protected from third parties.

Single sign-on support
Easily configurable in the Survalyzer account with just a few clicks and the ability to simplify certificate exchange by providing a secondary certificate.

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