Survalyzer Essential

All question types you need for your survey

  • Create surveys with up to 50 questions with all necessary question types
  • Configure each question according to your needs with a huge set of options
  • Create multilingual surveys with up to 56 languages
  • Manage your images in a private unlimited webspace and use them in the surveys
  • Screenout participants which doesn’t match your target audience
  • Export your survey into Word and PDF
  • Organize the content of your survey into multiple pages

Distribute your survey to unlimited participants

  • Invite participants with customizable emails with configurable logo and color scheme
  • Use Opt-Out links in your emails to fulfill GDPR requirements or manually manage opt-out lists
  • Plan your invitations and reminders in advance and let the application execute the sending at the desired date and time
  • Create personal links using link lists to use 3rd party systems for distribution
  • Track the participation history of your participants and remove inactive members
  • Make use of Dynata as a panel provider if you don’t have the desired target group yourself

Manage your target audience easily

  • Create an manipulate the structure of your sample to suite your needs
  • Upload and download your participants with Excel sheets
  • Download the interview links for all your participants into an Excel sheet
  • Remind single participants directly from the participants list
  • Add metadata for numeric variable to show labels instead of the numbers
  • Use the anonymous link and provide participation codes to identify the participant
  • Use the autogenerated QR-code for every survey

Create powerful reports with only a few clicks

  • Choose the relevant questions for your report
  • Create multiple reports for different target audiences
  • Choose the best suiting chart to visualize the collected interviews
  • Use your own color scheme for all your reports
  • Share your reports online with a public link
  • Export your interview data to Excel and SPSS
  • Download the report as document in Word, PowerPoint and PDF with native charts