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Easy to use, significant in the results. With the Essential solution, you have a smart survey tool at your fingertips. You receive important feedback from your target group – without much effort.

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Designing Surveys

Survalyzer Essential is a survey solution that allows you to create multi-page surveys without coding. Make surveys that resonate with your audience by choosing from a variety of question formats.

Ask detailed questions
Create surveys with up to 50 questions. This gives you valid results and clear feedback.

Configure questions
Choose the best question format for your request, such as multiple choice. You have a large number of options.

Create pages
Divide your survey into several pages. This makes it easier for people to fill in the form. You will get more responses.

Include logo
Add your logo or other brand images. The participant will recognize you immediately. That inspires trust.

Manage images
Manage your images in a private, unlimited web space and use them in the surveys.

Select languages
56 languages are available. Increase your feedback by choosing the right language.

Smart invitations

The clever invitation management increases both the number of participants and the response rate.

Schedule invitations
Set your send date in the software and achieve high survey open rates.

Use Excel lists
Use your Excel lists for participant management. Just upload the tables.

Send invites
Address specific target groups with personalized emails, including a logo and your own color scheme.

Integrate external systems
Create personal links using link lists so you can use external systems for sending links.

Remove inactive members
Delete inactive members by tracking and responding to your participants’ participation history.

Send emails in a GDPR-compliant way
Use opt-out links in your emails. Alternatively, you can manually manage the opt-out lists.

Concise evaluation

Our survey solution offers clear and meaningful presentations, making it easy for you to share insights with stakeholders. From native charts to segmented reports, we’ve got you covered.

Select questions
Select the relevant questions for your report. This gives you quick insight into the data.

Use native charts
You can quickly see key results and insights through automatically created charts.

Create reports for specific target groups
Create separate reports for different prospects by segmenting the results.

Export interview data
Export your interview data to Excel and SPSS to further process it with other data.

Link to PowerPoint, Word, or PDF
Download your reports as a document in Word, PowerPoint and PDF with native charts.

Publish reports
Share your graphical reports online for quick access – with a public link.

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Your Next-Level Survey Solution

Dive into our intuitive features that empower you to craft engaging surveys. Uncover valuable insights and present them in a way that truly resonates with your audience.


  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Up to 50 questions in 56 languages
  • Integration of images possible
  • GDPR-compliant submission

Target group
Target group

  • Individual adjustment of the sample structure
  • Simple Excel management of participants
  • Use of Dynata as a panel provider
  • Easily remove inactive members


  • Download as a Word, PowerPoint or PDF document
  • Creation of native charts
  • Identification of participants through anonymous links with code






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The Essential survey solution from Survalyzer gives you good insight into the wishes and needs of your customers and employees.



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