PostFinance AG Success Story: Choosing Survalyzer as Survey Tool – Customer Interview

PostFinance AG Success Story: Choosing Survalyzer as Survey Tool Customer Interview


PostFinance Ltd, a subsidiary of Swiss Post Ltd, plays an important role in the Swiss financial landscape. Known for a wide range of financial services such as payment transactions, investments, pensions and financing, the institution is an important player in the Swiss banking sector.

Selection of Survalyzer

To improve its market research capabilities, PostFinance recently embarked on a search for an efficient survey tool. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to using market research to gain valuable insights into the market and understand customer needs.

After an extensive evaluation process involving several potential providers, Survalyzer was selected for its ease of use, robust security and compliance with regulatory standards. The tool will now support PostFinance in efficiently collecting and analyzing customer feedback.

Bernadette Ritler on legal and safety standards

As Head of Market Research at PostFinance Ltd, Bernadette Ritler has in-depth knowledge of the tools and methods required for effective market research. In addition to her main responsibilities, Bernadette Ritler was instrumental in the selection of a new survey tool for PostFinance, paying particular attention to the legal and security aspects that are important in the banking sector. We asked Bernadette about the challenges and priorities in selecting a tool that meets these strict standards and at the same time meets the needs of market research.

We used the introduction of the new Data Protection Act as an opportunity to evaluate various survey tools. The main focus was on legal and security aspects. Survalyzer was able to meet all standards. The tool was also convincing in terms of user-friendliness, innovation and data visualization. – Bernadette Ritler, Head of Research

In-depth discussion with Zita Spillmann

After gaining insights into the selection process from Bernadette Ritler’s perspective, we now turn to Zita Spillmann, who has been working in market research at PostFinance AG since 2020. Zita will tell us about her experiences in selecting and integrating Survalyzer into PostFinance’s operations and how the tool meets the company’s market research needs. As we talk to her, we’ll find out more about the operational implications and benefits of this strategic tool choice.

Survey from Postfinance

Piotr Borkowicz: Zita, thank you for joining us today. To start, could you tell us a bit about your team’s day-to-day operations, and how does Survalyzer come into play? I’m particularly interested in how you engage with your customers and colleagues through this platform.

Zita Spillmann: In our research team, we reach out to our customers through various channels like letters, emails, and our website, inviting them to share their thoughts on our services via Survalyzer surveys. It’s not just our customers, though – our employees use Survalyzer too, to gather valuable insights from their peers. We oversee these surveys, ensuring everything is up to the mark before they go live.

PB: When you were in the market for a survey tool, what criteria did you prioritize, and how did you go about assessing your options?

Zita Spillmann: Survalyzer achieved the highest score in the user value analysis. The user-friendliness and the degree of fulfillment of the security and legal requirements were rated particularly highly. Data protection and information security are particularly important to PostFinance. Hosting with a Swiss cloud provider is a good option here. We were also impressed by the wide range of evaluation options, such as online reporting and PowerPoint export.

Piotr Borkowicz: Survalyzer emerged as the top choice for PostFinance. What were the standout features that really swayed your decision?

Zita Spillmann: Survalyzer achieved the highest score in the utility analysis. The user-friendliness and the degree of fulfillment of security and legal requirements were rated particularly highly. Data protection and information security are particularly important for banks. This is where hosting with a Swiss cloud provider comes in handy.

Piotr Borkowicz: I’m curious about the Professional Analytics and how they transform the way you analyze survey data. Could you share some insights on that?

Zita Spillmann: We don’t currently have a dashboard in use that was created with Professional Analytics. We would like to use this primarily for our semi-annual customer experience measurement and for ad-hoc surveys. We hope to gain efficiency in data evaluation and when creating delivery objects for internal customers.

Piotr Borkowicz: Based on your experience, would you suggest Survalyzer to other institutions? What makes it stand out in your view?

Zita Spillmann: Definitely. Survalyzer is a very user-friendly survey tool, which is nevertheless powerful in its range of functions. The increased security and legal requirements are also very well met. Survalyzer also offers good and personal customer support.

Piotr Borkowicz: Every new tool comes with its own learning curve. Can you share any challenges your team faced initially with Survalyzer and how you tackled them?

Zita Spillmann: Basically, Survalyzer is an intuitive survey tool and with “learning-by-doing” you find your way around quite quickly. If you get stuck, you can usually find someone in the team who can help you. The detailed, well-structured Survalyzer’s Help Center also helps.

Piotr Borkowicz: Looking ahead, are there any new projects or initiatives where you see Survalyzer playing a key role at PostFinance?

Zita Spillmann: Currently our focus is still on the migration of existing surveys from our previous survey tool to Survalyzer. However, we are always happy to receive notifications in the tool that a new feature has been introduced or something has been optimized in Survalyzer 😊.

PB: Thank you, Zita for these insightful details. It’s fascinating to see how Survalyzer is shaping the feedback culture at PostFinance. We look forward to seeing how our tool continues to support your innovative initiatives.

Christian Hyka

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