Survalyzer Professional

Flexibly create,
run and analyze complex surveys

Unlimited, multi-channel, randomizable, filterable – the high-end software for market research provides you with profound insights into all relevant target groups. You will receive clear answers to complex questions.


More opportunities, better insights

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Deep insights
Deep insights
Dig deep. There are no limits to questions or variables. Improve results by randomization and avoiding multiple participation. Segment your data according to the required target groups.
Visible data analysis
Visible data analysis
Visualize your findings to use them profitably. Easily create custom segments, charts, or Excel reports. Fully automatic and comparable.
Maximum range
Maximum range
Reach more people: with a multi-channel strategy via email, SMS, or your corporate app. Use filters to address just those who are important to you.
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Christian Hyka

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Making market research smarter

Professional offers you a complete solution for large surveys. Scalable and customizable. Market researchers, educational and scientific institutions, public institutions and companies have a survey tool at their fingertips that makes available a wide range of customization and scaling options.

  • Divide the survey in multiple sections
  • Complex question type such as semantic differential, implicit association, and much more.
  • Randomization
Target group
Target group
  • Multi-channel invitations
  • Set up complex filters
  • Exclude participants via grid
  • Prevent multiple participation
  • Quickly load the survey even with large questionnaires
  • Invite up to 50,000 participants per hour
  • Free email design like with Mailchimp and other marketing tools
  • Extensive API for integration into your own system landscape
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Powerful feature set,
easy to use

Create, optimize, and brand complex surveys in just a few steps. Intuitive and easy to grasp.

Choose multiple/single choice
Choose the number of answer options.

Add content
Enter your questions directly into the system and determine the font and size of the text. Section by section. Move the items and questions, if necessary.

Select question filter
Add variables, allow targeted feedback from respondents, or add randomization features.

Question and answer piping
React to responses and include given response texts on a later page of the survey.

Brand survey
Give your survey your corporate look.

Say thank you
Thank the participants via an input field

Add participant filter
Define respondents such as current customers or prospective customers. Or exclude participants via a grid.

Test your survey as often as you like. Invite up to 20 testers.

Smart testing,
cross-channel run

You can refine your survey with a wide range of test and preliminary analyses before you run it across many channels and target groups.

Select channels
Define the publishing channels such as WhatsApp, Email, SMS or Link. Or use panel providers.

Preview and publish
After previewing and activating, invite participants specifically using invitation codes.

Check return statistics
See how many times a questionnaire has been accessed or completed.

Send branded marketing emails
Design your survey emails and adapt them to your corporate design.

Use bounce handling
Identify and manage undeliverable emails and use measures to reduce the quota.

Benefit from wave management
Cleverly time your deliveries to achieve optimal response rates.

Professional evaluation,
easy export

With one click you can see the results of your survey. All your presentation data are available to you in a clear and immediate manner.

View analytics
Get substantial analysis in the dashboard with just a few clicks.

Compare groups
Create custom segments to compare multiple groups.

Create charts
Use automatically created charts for meaningful reports and simply import them into Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Download report
Filter the results in the dashboard and download the filtered analyses in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF.

Online reports
Share your online reports with your colleagues


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For customer surveys, employee surveys, market or scientific studies – the Professional solution allows companies, universities and institutes to obtain reliable findings. Of course, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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  • Product/market research
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Image analysis
  • Brand awareness
  • Scientific studies
  • Qualitative surveys
  • Quantitative surveys
Human Resources
Human Resources
  • Employee surveys
  • Candidate requests
  • HR market analyses
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Banks: Obtaining customer feedback

Four of the five largest Swiss banks work with Survalyzer to better understand the needs of their customers. The software meets the highest requirements for data protection & compliance.

What our customers say about us

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Gain confidence in decision making

The professional solution from Survalyzer lets you get to know customers, the market and the environment in detail. Test the high-end market research software now.



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