Quarterly webinar with our CEO – keep up to date and get valuable insights

Quarterly webinar with our CEO keep up to date and get valuable insights

Survalyzer’s upcoming quarterly webinars presented by CEO and Managing Partner Christian Hyka give you valuable insights and the opportunity to stay informed about the constantly evolving software Survalyzer Next Generation.

Please click on the link below to watch the first of our quarterly CEO Webinars presented beginning of July, 2021:

Webinar – Quarterly Webinar with CEO July 2021

Not interested in watching the webinar? Read the summary about the new functions below and have a look at the product roadmap:

Our roadmap

We shared our roadmap with our valued clients and did a recap of what new features have been delivered so far in 2021 and what we’re currently working on. You can find the roadmap in our support center – have a look!

Full basket of new features

In the past quarter we delivered 7 feature modules:

(01:55) Reach for the stars – using the star scale to rate statements or questions

The star scale is implemented in the “Add content” area as new question type and also in the scope of matrix questions. You can adjust the color depending on your style guide and define how many stars you want to use.

(04:38) Excel report with charts – simplifying the generation of your survey reports

In the basic report of the “Analyze” section, we extended the downloadable excel report with native charts.


You can easily adjust them directly in excel or copy them to PowerPoint and adjust them in there according to your needs.

(06:37) SMS Distribution – reach more people and invite respondents via SMS

The SMS distribution function of Survalyzer helps you reach your audience through mobile devices. You can easily use this function when two prerequisites are given:

  1. You need valid phone numbers from your respondents
  2. You need a stock of SMS (we have to pay an SMS gateway to deliver SMS and therefore we charge 0.10 EUR per SMS)


The SMS Distribution will appear next to the E-mail and Link list distribution in the “Distribute” section as soon as you start the process to invite a panel.


In the next step of the invitation process you can invite all members or just a subset.


In the third step, a previously defined SMS template can be selected.


The SMS can be configured (sender, message). Since the length of the message is cost relevant, we have implemented a character count under the message field and you see the estimated number of SMS you need for this message.


In the “Field phase” you can decide if you want to send out the SMS now or later and in the last “Distribute” step you get an overview of all your configurations. Make sure everything is correct (right survey, right sample, right filter, etc.) before you finally send out the SMS.

(10:45) App distributor – invite your respondents over your employee or client app

This function is also available in the “Distribution” section as soon as everything is set up properly and if you’re allowed to send notifications into your app service. Just contact our support department if you have a specific app in mind that you want to connect with, we will be happy to look into it.

(12:04) Segmented chart report – extended possibilities in the segmented excel report

In the segmented excel report we also extended the possibilities and add charts to all tables.


This report offers an additional segment section where you can define the different segments you want to analyze and compare. It will then split the report according to your definition.


All chart objects in the downloaded excel report are – again – native and can be easily customized.

(14:36) Workflow management and Panel sharing – facilitates the collaboration and increases your survey quality

With the workflow management, one person can create a survey and a second person can review, approve and publish the survey.

Panel sharing makes use of the workflow management and means that you are a panel owner and you want to make sure that your colleagues or clients or suppliers can access the panel in a controlled way.

In the following example of panel sharing, a panel owner (provider) wants to share the employee panel for the colleague (consumer):


The following settings have to be done in the providers workspace:

  1. Go to the settings of the employee panel (“Variables” section), enable the panel share and define the workspaces, that get access to the panel and specify the view on the data that the consumer gets (for example email, first and last name and department). To activate the panel share, it has to be published after configuration.
  2. After publishing in the providers workspace, the consumer can see the shared panel additionally to his own local sample in the “Distribute” area of his survey. The consumer can then easily proceed with the usual distribution process and immediately send to the employee panel.


In the next example of workflow management, the panel provider wants to share the client panel for the colleague and enable the approval process.


If a Workflow management process needs an approval of the provider, respectively a provider wants to check each survey distribution, the following settings have to be done in the providers workspace:

  1. Go again to the settings of the panel (“Variables” section), enable the panel share and define the workspaces that get access to the panel. Specify the view on the data that the consumer gets (for example email, first and last name and region) and check “Needs approval”. Choose “Published” to activate it after configuration.
  2. After the provider shared the client panel, the consumer can see the additional panel tile in the “Distribute” area of the survey and proceed with the usual distribution process.
  3. As soon as the approval process has been enabled, the panel consumer can not invite the panel members directly anymore in the distribution process of a survey. The consumer has first to send a request to the panel provider.
  4. After the request has been sent out by the panel consumer, the panel provider can see it in the shared panel in the “Sampling projects” section. After checking everything, the provider can approve or refuse the request.
  5. For the panel consumer, the status of the sampling project is shown in the “Distribute” section of the survey. Either it is shown with the status “Waiting for approval” or with the status “Approved”. The panel consumer can finally do the distribution as soon as the sampling project has been approved.

What’s coming next

(24:32) Below an outlook of the coming two quarters:

Dynata integration:

We are currently busy with the dynata integration (world’s biggest field service agency, they deliver responses from all over the world). They have an extensive API to their database and this will enable you – just with a few clicks – to select a target group you need for your surveys and to get the insights that you need.

Question library: In the library version 1.0 you will have the opportunity to save the questions you have created and customized before and to reuse it in another questionnaire (question template).

Change question type: This function makes it possible to change an already created single choice question to a multiple choice question for instance, so you do not have to delete and recreate the question. The choice text and question text will automatically be transferred to the new question.

NPS question type: This is actually already now possible in a data collection point of view, but we are going to extend the analytics part to show the NPS KPI directly in the dashboard.

End of Internet Explorer support by end of 2021

(27:35) Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer in 2022

Please be aware that the support of the Internet Explorer will be stopped and that the creation and the respondent part in Survalyzer won’t work anymore with Internet Explorer after then. So it is now a good time to move on and to recommend everyone to not use Internet Explorer anymore.

If you have questions about this topic please contact our support department. They will help you to find a strategy to make a swift move.

Next webinars with CEO

Save the dates for the next webinars with Christian Hyka:

  • 02.09.2021
  • 02.12.2021

We look forward having you at our upcoming webinars!

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