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Survalyzer’s UX Toolbox

Survalyzer’s UX Toolbox
creates value without much

The Survalyzer UX Toolbox enables a valid, reliable and
objective measurement of user perception and helps to better
assess risks and derive improvements.

More credibility
Thanks to the professional collection of clear key figures, you increase the credibility and significance of your work.
Improved communication
KPIs help you to make communication clearer and more transparent and they help internal and external stakeholders to better assess and evaluate the results.
Better chance
of success
Better chance of success
Measuring KPIs helps you position UX issues and strategic goals more successfully. With the KPIs in mind, you are on your way to effectively manage any project and to increase the chance of project success.

The 3 relevant UX KPIs

SEQ – Single Ease Question
SEQ – Single Ease Question
One of the simplest and most recommended metrics is the Single Ease Question (SEQ). After completing a task, the respondent is asked the question “How easy was that?”. To answer, the respondent sees a scale of 1 to 7, labelled “very difficult” on the left and “very easy” on the right.
NPS – Net Promoter Score
NPS – Net Promoter Score
NPS is by far the most commonly used metric in all business. It illustrates customer loyalty towards brands or products but is also common for websites or apps. To determine the NPS, the respondents are asked the question: “How likely are you recommending our service/product/company to others?” To answer, the respondent sees a scale from 0 to 10, labelled “very unlikely” on the left and “very likely” on the right. Whoever answers with a 9 or 10 is called a Promoter. Those who answer with a 7 or 8 are Passives and those with a score of 6 or less are Detractors.
System Usability Scale (SUS)
System Usability Scale (SUS)
The System Usability Scale (SUS) provides a quick and reliable tool for measuring the usability. It consists of a 10-item questionnaire with five response options; from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. For scoring, the answers add up to a possible 100, which means a system with optimal usability would have a SUS score of 100. If it reaches 68, it is considered “good”.

With the Survalyzer UX KPIs you have powerful tools at your disposal to measure user perception successfully.

How does the UX Toolbox work?

Select a template
Select the template that suits your purpose. If you would like to create your own and sophisticated surveys, then you can set up a free trial account at any time or contact us.

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Configure the template
You have the option to add your own introduction or welcome text and additional questions to the selected template.

Conduct your survey
After configuration, you can publish the survey. You will then receive a link for the survey which you can send directly to your respondents.

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Evaluate data
Finally, you will receive an informative report with the results. The data collected from the participants is summarized in a visually appealing and interpretable way.

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Survalyzer UX KPIs provide you with powerful tools to successfully measure user perception.

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