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From quick feedback to highly professional data analysis - our plans offer you degree of flexibility. Choose the survey solution that suits you. Do you have special requirements for your survey design? Talk to us. Together we will find the optimal solution for you.

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Survalyzer Price


85 €

– month
The solution for quick feedback. Powerful in scope, easy to use, clear in presentation.

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340 €

– month
The solution for sophisticated surveys in your corporate design. With unlimited questions, multichannel delivery and segmented analyses.

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Professional Analytics

831 €

– month
The solution for your business intelligence. Target group-specific analyses with pixel-perfect online dashboards with individual authorisations for different user groups.

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Compare your requirements with our services. Further functions desired?
Talk to us. We will find a solution.

Survalyzer Essential
Survalyzer Essential
  • Up to 50 questions per questionnaire
  • 15 question types
  • Export to Office formats with native charts
  • Real-time online reporting
Survalyzer Professional
Survalyzer Professional
  • Everything from Essential
  • Unlimited questions per questionnaire
  • Segmented Excel reports
  • Support for validation and scripting
Survalyzer Professional Analytics
Survalyzer Professional Analytics
  • Everything from Professional
  • Big Data support through a data cube
  • User-defined domain + SSO
  • Included: Corporate Extension
  • MaxDiff question type
  • Data weighting solution
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Analytics Professional
Multilingual surveys
File manager for images
Word and PDF export
Page break
Screenout element
Up to 50 questions per survey
Unlimited number of questions
Export to Json
Choice filter
File manager for documents, movies and audio
Randomize sections
Randomize questions in sections
Import survey translations from Excel
Analytics Professional
Text block
Single choice
Multiple choice
Open question with data type validation
Semantic differential
Rank order
Implicit association without time and keyboard support
Implicit association with time and keyboard support
Rich text editor
Tooltip function
Custom question library
Send email
Analytics Professional
Column groups in Matrix questions
Custom input validations
URL forwarding to external website
Scripting support
Filtering based on Sample/Panel fields
Filtering based on URL parameters
Filtering based on calculations
Customizing of variable names
Analytics Professional
Placeholders for all variable types
Tables support with advanced settings
Advanced text styling and decoration possibilities
HTML code editor
Analytics Professional
Initial design setup with logo, color and default font
Pixel perfect corporate design setup on all elements
Customizable survey header
Customizable survey footer
Progress bar
Language selector
Style settings for matrix questions
Designer for survey, report and message layouts
Analytics Professional
Setup of distribution message with logo and color scheme
Upload participants from Excel
Administration and self service of Opt-Out list
Customizable email messages
Automated scheduled invitations
Automated scheduled reminders
Distribute samples with a link list
Distribution message library
Participation history
Dynata access without quota support and incident rate
Dynata access with quota support and incident rate
Support for external panel providers with quota management
Code restricted access (single and multiple participation)
SMS invitations
Whatsapp Invitations
API Invitations
Corporate Extension: Custom email domain (e.g.
Corporate Extension: Custom survey domain (e.g.
Analytics Professional
Raw data export to Excel with numbers
Raw data export to Excel with labels
Raw data export to SPSS
Create multiple reports on surveys
Customize report (Questions, chart types, color schemes)
Share online report with public link
Share online report with a dedicated target audience
Download report in Word, PowerPoint and PDF
Clean raw data though interview import
Segmented Excel reports
Customizable pivot tables
Customizable multiseries charts based on pivot tables
AI-based text analytics (ChatGPT integration)
Data weighting solution
Combined charts
Import Excel files
Sginificance Tests
Key Driver Analysis
Analytics Professional
Manage users and workspaces
Create support ticktes from within the application
Telephone support (09:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 18:00)
Multifactor authentication with authenticator app
Single sign-on
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