The tool bench for market researchers

  • Create large surveys with dozens of sections and thousands of variables. With Survalyzer Professional there is no question or variable limit
  • Advanced question types like semantic differential, implicit association or validation waiting for their usage
  • Professional features, like sections, randomization of sections, questions and choices, advanced filter possibilities, and much more are available on your disposal
  • Adapt all variable names to your naming scheme with automated checks for name collision or incompatible names with output formats like SPSS
  • Style your questions the way you want with the possibility to directly add HTML and CSS to texts and captions
  • Define texts once and use them as placeholder everywhere in the survey

Scripting support with endless possibilities

  • Implement complex calculations with the usage of algebra, create regular or temporary custom variables to store intermediate or final results
  • Syntax check for your scripts to avoid runtime issues for typos and other syntactical errors.
  • Full documentation of all available functions are available here: Documentation
  • Create statistics within the survey and display it as a fully customizable chart
  • Add Json arrays as a data source to multiple dropdowns and support be able to choose from thousands of entries

Increase your reach with multiple channels

  • Reach your audience with their favorite channel like Email, SMS, WhatsApp or a custom app on the mobile phone
  • Select your target group with the default filter and narrow it down or exclude specific participants with the participants grid
  • Implement multichannel strategies like email invitation, first reminder with SMS and second reminder on the app
  • Use external panel providers like Bilendi, Respondi or Intervista with Quota plans configured in Survalyzer
  • Restrict access to interviews with personal invitation code and effectively prevent multiple participations

Group data into individual segments

  • Build custom segments with complex filters to easily compare two or more groups
  • Create chart enriched segmented excel reports with native Excel chart objects
  • Reuse the charts in PowerPoint or Word with simple copy/paste
  • Create multiple segmented reports with only a few clicks using Survalyzer’s guided wizards
  • With the segmented report you save hours of manual work compared with using the raw data