Success story: Municipality of Gemeente Eindhoven

Success story: Municipality of Gemeente Eindhoven


The Municipality of Eindhoven in the Netherlands has been using Survalyzer to gather feedback from the inhabitants of Eindhoven. The Municipality needed a solution to automate panel management for their Digipanel and gather reliable data for analysis so they announced a public tender.

After an extensive documentation process, we received the results in March 2023. Among the survey software providers that competed in this tender, Survalyzer proved to be the most profitable investment. It’s always exciting to win a tender, but this time was extra special since we scored the maximum number of points available. Find out how our panel management with community extension will ensure Eindhoven’s continued success.


Municipalities generally collect information about topics such as: safety on the streets, elections, the business environment, availability of resources like public transport, leisure activities, and restaurants. Most of them send out surveys via email and sometimes send an access code via postal letter.

The Municipality of Eindhoven located in the Netherlands, is a local government authority. They have been using Survalyzer’s software for more than 9 years to collect feedback from their community with the use of multiple Professional licenses. The Municipality announced a public tender for survey software suppliers.

In the package the Gemeente Eindhoven was using before, it was not possible to manage a big group of people for reccurring research where the panel members could automatically update their profile without interference from the Gemeente Eindhoven.

This was a time-consuming task and led to inaccuracies and inefficiencies in data collection. Also they could not refer to previous given answers in new surveys. The facility needed a solution that would enable them to automate panel management and gather reliable data for analysis.

What is more the Municipality of Eindhoven needed to select the most suitable survey software solution from a pool of private companies. This is why they held a public tender in which a couple of different software vendors had to compete against each other. The chosen software had to meet several requirements related to reliability, user-friendliness, and value for money.

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Survalyzer was awarded the contract because its high-end features offset its relative higher investment than other software vendors. The decision was made after a careful evaluation process that included assessing the tenders against the formal requirements, exclusion and suitability requirements and award criteria. Survalyzer was found to comply with all necessary requirements.

The company achieved maximum scores for quality (60 out of 60), as well as for its implementation plan, additional requirements, usability, and further development and vision.

Besides covering all the requested requirements, Survalyzer will provide the municipality with a panel management functionality extension to their software. This will allow them to create a database per panel member within a safe online environment of the Survalyzer platform. Through the use of the data collected from future questionnaires, surveys could become more personalized. In addition, panel members could update their profiles themselves without researchers’ interference. Members will also be required to complete a two-step registration process, ensuring that all the necessary information will be automatically added to their profiles.

No.Criteria related to quality and priceMaximum number of pointsSurvalyzer’s score
K1Implementation plan7.57.5
K2Additional requirements3030
K4Further development and vision survey7.57.5
Moment of celebration in Eindhoven office

The Municipality of Eindhoven has been working with Survalyzer for several years. The software has many features, is user-friendly (for both user and respondent) and very flexible.

The contact with Survalyzer is pleasant and the great thing is that they are open to suggestions and developments and are quickly at your service in case of any problems! We are very satisfied and with the recent purchase of panel management we hope to be able to use our municipal DigiPanel even more effectively to optimize our service.

– Esmee Jonk, Data analyst at Municipality of Eindhoven


In winning the tender, the focus was on delivering high-quality software that meets strict information security requirements without compromising on quality. Survalyzer is committed to helping the Municipality of Eindhoven use its survey software and panel management solution to its fullest potential.

To achieve this, Survalyzer will provide the Municipality of Eindhoven with training sessions and the two sides will collectively set up the two-step registration process, create a login page for all panel members, craft messages for the panel and migrate the entire panel to Survalyzer.

Do you live in Eindhoven and would also like to become part of the Digipanel? Register now, because your opinion counts too!

The Digipanel interface, a platform used by the Municipality of Eindhoven to gather feedback from the community.
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