Learn how to boost your response rates with Survalyzer NG

Learn how to boost your response rates with Survalyzer NG

Survalyzer NG has reached the next level! We proudly presented our new approach of distributing surveys in our last webinar.

Please click on the link below and see the full webinar presented by Christian Hyka, Managing Partner:
Webinar – Survalyzer Next Generation April 2020

Not interested in watching the webinar? Read the summary about the new functions and have a look at the product roadmap below:

How far are we with Survalyzer Next Generation?

We accomplished our objectives for the beta phase for the 1st quarter and finished all three building blocks Survey Distribution, Public API and Placeholder and completed the Private Beta phase.
Important improvements have been achieved in design and usability to accommodate respondents’ emotional needs and to fulfill requirements of complex surveys.

Survey Distribution Process

Survalyzer NG enables you to fully improve your skills in survey distribution.
The Survey Distribution Process consists of 3 Steps:

Step 1 – How to import members

You can import new members over the Samples section or you can start the import process over the Distribute area in your survey.
Once uploaded, you have access to each participant and can modify it by clicking the View button.

Survalyzer NG has now a new concept of guided processes to simplify it for our users.

Step 2 – How to invite your sample

After uploading all members, you can start and invite them by clicking the Use button. There is no member limitation from a technical point of view.

Follow the guided process and decide in the Filter selection whether you want to invite all members or just a subset of your sample. Do so by defining one or more filters.

The next important step in the guided process is the Channel selection. Choose between Link List Distribution – for clients that are not allowed to store personal data in our system, or Email Distribution – where you have the benefit of new functionalities such as:
– Selection of predefined messages in the Message section
– Customizing your invitation mail in the Text section and preview it on mobile devices (layout will automatically adapted to devices!)
– Decide when the invitation has to be send out in the Field phase section

We now use a new technology that automatically integrates all images from your invitation mail, so that they are are visible independent of the settings of your email clients.

Once the survey invitation is sent out, you have all information about response rate and bounce statistic on the right-hand side of the Distribute area.

Step 3 – How to create visually compelling invitation messages

Why is the message layout so important? One of the most important key performance indicator (KPIs) in research projects is the response rate (also known as completion rate or return rate – the number of people who answered the survey divided by the number of people in the sample). Your invitation message determines to a large extent if the respondents will participate to your survey.

With Survalyzer NG you can create effective survey invitations within minutes! Switch under the section Library to Message Layouts and simply add a new message layout.

With the easy to use toolbox on the right-hand side you can create your engaging message layout by adding:
– layout elements like a message heading
– your logo and you can boost your message with an image
– placeholders for a message heading and a message text with the focus: Why should the respondent participate in this survey?
– a button with colour as requested to deliver a compelling call-to-action

Placeholder (sometimes called piping for advanced survey technique)

The Placeholder Section can be used within a survey to show answers to preceding questions, so you can access the completion rate of each option inside your survey.

The tool is now accessible over the Rich Text Editor in the Build area of the survey.
Please click on the link to our education page for more information about survey placeholders of Survalyzer.

Realtime Calculation

Some clients (especially governmental organisations) use Survalyzer to collect numeric data (Advanced Calculation).
We have now integrated a sophisticated mathematical library, a so-called mathematical script container, which allows you not only to calculate sums, but also to perform much more complex calculations (e.g. conditional calculations or statistical analysis) within your survey.

API 2.0

The API is the solution for deep system integration, for example if you want to integrate surveys into your business processes or if you want to get the data from Survalyzer automatically into another system.

We support all methods from API 1.0 which we have already in Survalyzer classic but also new methods like for instance:
– execute workflow transitions
– create survey also over the API

Roadmap 2020

After completion, all test accounts from clients on the Private Beta phase will now be deleted and there are now two systems in place. Our clients can use Survalyzer classic and Survalyzer NG in parallel or wait until the migration in Q3/2020. Everyone who requests it will of course get an account for Survalyzer NG.

Survalzyer NG is already our productive Data Center Environment in the Microsoft Azure Cloud currently hosted in Amsterdam, the Swiss Data Center will be opened around June/July when we start the production phase.

We are now currently busy with the Report builder “Light”, the Question Library and the Design Tab. This will than be the topic of our webinar end of June/beginning July.

Do you want to start using Survalyzer NG? Then send us now a message!

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